What-if (we threw an analytics party and everyone came)?

We’re pleased to announce the release of what-if (scenario testing) functionality for each API, all included within the base package.

This allows you to perform scenario testing on your underlying API. For example if you build a conversion API, where product offered is a variable, it can be nice to test the impact of changes to product offers. This is now possible :

Be warned though, if you want to draw strong conclusions from this analysis you’re predicting a counterfactual scenario. To do that with the most confidence, statistical purists would strongly suggest you need a randomized experiment (in this case random in the product offer variable). Even if you don’t have this, our modeling approach bring in as much third party data as possible to remove the biases inherent in an historical analysis, as such it can still suggest where the low hanging fruit might be.

Try it out, under ‘what-if’ on the left hand side.


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