Integrate with Facebook connect with rails and coffeescript

Facebook’s documentation on authentication via Facebook and the graph API is very comprehensive … but sometimes a worked example still helps. Here is how you can add a “Connect with Facebook” button with minimal effort, using rails, coffeescript, and ruby

Get your APP ID

You need to register your app with Facebook if you haven’t already

Add standard facebook loading code

From here. Look under authentication, and copy/paste to application.js and/or /layouts/application.html.erb. Add this line to the script to make sure the async loading works


Add the div to your page

	<div class="field">;
		<fb:login-button size="large">
		  Connect to Facebook

Do something with your newly logged in customers

For example if you want to access the logged in customer’s profile after they have logged in, to customize the page, you might do something like this in coffeescript:

$ ->

window.setup = ->
    window.FB.Event.subscribe('auth.login', -> do_something()) if window.FB?

do_something = ->
    console.log "doing something ..."

    window.FB.getLoginStatus (authtoken) ->
        if authtoken.authResponse
            window.FB.api '/me', (fbdata) ->
                console.log "FB name : #{fbdata['name']}"}
                # Add interesting personalization logic here

… and you’re ready to go

We have a white labelled offering where we can host this for you, and return the data through painless APIs, in case you’re looking to get up and running even faster. email us and let us know what you’re working on.


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